Finally the wait is over !!!
   After nearly three decades, the amazing works of Sterling Lanier
are again available, this time
in electronic format as befits this man of imagination and future vision.  If you are familiar with his works, you will rejoice at the opportunity to be able to acquire them in the latest electronic versions
such as Kindle, iBooks and all of the popular formats.
If you are new to his works, fasten your seat belt and prepare yourself, as you are about to enter worlds that defy your wildest imagination, while at the same time being as real and believable as the world outside your window !!!  Sterling’s unique ability to create characters and situations that are at once exotic, intoxicating, heart thumping, and downright plausible, have garnered him numerous awards, and excellent reviews from such luminaries as Arthur C. Clark, as well as unfailingly positive reviews from the press. Sterling is no longer with us, having passed away in 2007, but watches from afar, as his work continues to be appreciated and enjoyed by countless fans worldwide.